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Students constantly need a challenge and you need a system that does just that. Automark speeds up the marking and learning process. With Automark you’ll have the core to deliver a unique education experience and a personalised service to help you and your students achieve their goals.


Automark learns as your data input increases. It provides further learning for students who want to extend their learning. It challenges the students who find that they want to go that extra mile with their learning.


Automark integrates with existing Learning Management Systems you are using at your institution. Equivalently you can also use it as a standalone platform. Automark can be what you chose to make it.

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What's special

our system

Continuous Feedback

Students always want to know how well they are progressing in the course. They want to know their marks in the previous test. Automark offers continuous feedback for tests and assignments. This means that students will receive their scores and performance results straight away.
The implications of this is that teachers only need to design the questions once and then monitor the progress of the students later. A public questions bank will be provided and accessible by the community of students to practice questions and ensure that they are meeting their learning outcomes.

Integrate with ease

We realise that your institution is probably using an existing Learning Management System (LMS). That's why our platform can be used both as a standalone system and a component that integrates into your existing LMS platform (such as blackboard, canvas or moodle).

Motivate your students

Students will always exhibit a varying level of skills and knowledge. It's important to challenge your students to improve based on their current status. Using continuous feedback and a rich set of questions publicly available, students will be motivated to solve more and improve their current skillset.
It will also be possible to host coding contests via the platform so that students can compete with eachother and race to be at the top of the leaderboard!

Host Contests

Automark will host regular public contests where students can compete in algorithm challenges across universities. In addition, you can utilise the platform to host your own contests and motivate your students to excel at algorithmic and coding challenges.

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CEO and Advisor

Irfan khoda

Wanting to see graduates develop their skills having run multiple businesses, saw an opportunity to assist with this change.

Having studied IT in the UK and graduated in 2002. Irfan worked in many industries including recruitment and sales, to finally combine them all to assist in creating a system that will benefit industry as well as the education system. Wanting to see more home grown talent he realised a great opportunity to partner with Mohamed and assist to build a system that would do just that.


Mohamed Habib

Frustrated by the time-consuming process of marking student assignments, he decided to do something about it

While doing his PhD degree at Kingston University, Mohamed decided to take on some teaching and marking for several prorgamming courses there. He became frustrated since the process of marking student assignments was both mind-numbing and time consuming. It soon became clear that there were several other problems that can be addressed by automation. Automark was born to address these gaps.

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