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At Automark, we want to make the hiring process easy in the tech industry. It is very difficult to gauge who the best candidates are and their skill level. With our platform you will be able to see your front runners early on. Automark wants to make the process easy for hiring teams by helping them overcome hiring obstacles like testing and engaging talent. Ultimately to provide an insight into the candidate’s styles of coding and what makes them the best.


Automark makes the process of test taking seamless, as it should be. Creating coding assessments for your candidates is a quick and easy process on the platform.


Manage candidates in a fair and easy process. Using our seamless interface candidates will be able to concentrate on what matters...the code.


UK based support staff to help you build the best test for your job vacancies.

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What's special

our system

Screen based on technical skills

As Linus once said "Talk is cheap, show me the code". This is why we send most of our time trying to measure the attributes of brilliant coders. We bake those into a single platform and offer that to you so you can have insights about your talent and take informed decisions about your hire.

Only interview qualified candidates

We realise that a wrong hire is extremely costly. This is why we want you to avoid a wrong hire at all costs. Our tests can help you identify tech talent who are skilled at problem solving. You can then assess their soft skills and whether or not they fit your company culture.

Reduce bias (objective feedback)

You want to ensure a fair hiring process. We agree. But ensuring a fair hiring process is a diffucult task. This is why we streamline the testing process for you so you can enjoy a peace of mind and hire with confidence.

Save time on engineering tests

Your engineers probably have alot on their plate already. Rather than waste their time on interviewing potential candidates, let us take care of that for you. You could either hire existing candidates by inviting them to take a test on our platform or use the platform to attract this talent. Our upcoming contests feature will allow you to have applicants "compete" for the role in an engaging manner.

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CEO and Advisor

Irfan khoda

Wanting to see graduates develop their skills having run multiple businesses, saw an opportunity to assist with this change.

Having studied IT in the UK and graduated in 2002. Irfan worked in many industries including recruitment and sales, to finally combine them all to assist in creating a system that will benefit industry as well as the education system. Wanting to see more home grown talent he realised a great opportunity to partner with Mohamed and assist to build a system that would do just that.


Mohamed Habib

Frustrated by the time-consuming process of marking student assignments, he decided to do something about it

While doing his PhD degree at Kingston University, Mohamed decided to take on some teaching and marking for several prorgamming courses there. He became frustrated since the process of marking student assignments was both mind-numbing and time consuming. It soon became clear that there were several other problems that can be addressed by automation. Automark was born to address these gaps.

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